Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Manufacturers

Vacuum blood collection tubes are suitable for clinical blood testing and blood cell analysis. Different additives are coated on the inner wall of the test tube to stabilize and preserve the sample before analysis and testing.

Sun Trine vacuum blood collection tubes are made of high-quality raw materials, have good compatibility, and can be well adapted to various biochemical, immunochemical and blood analyzer transporters. The product specifications are complete, and we can provide customers with various special specifications of vacuum blood collection tubes and customized labels.

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  • Plasma blood collection tube promises to provide non-polluting and non-differential original blood specimen for medical test. After centrifugation, plasma can be separated from blood cells effectively. Plasma tube includes 5 kinds of tubes:

  • Whole blood collection tube provides non-polluting and non-differential original blood specimen for medical test, doesn't require separation of plasma or cells. It includes 2 kinds of tubes: EDTA tube with Purple cap, ESR tube with black cap.

  • Serum blood collection tubes promise to provide unpolluted and undifferentiated original blood samples for medical testing. After centrifugation, serum can be effectively separated from blood cells and fibrin. There are three types of serum tubes: a red cap tube, a red cap precoagulation tube, and a yellow cap coagulation gel activator tube.

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