Tissue Cassettes Manufacturers

The Tissue cassette mainly applied for histology or tissue processing. Excellent solution and rapid tissue processors is its feature.

The Tissue cassette is made of P.O.M material or stainless steel material with delicately polished, 100% resistant to the chemical actions of histological solvents.


It has various types with different holes on lid and bottom, like square, strip and round. We supply different types as Onesette Tissue Cassettes, Macsette Tissue Cassettes, Standard Cassettes, Estasette Tissue Cassettes, Finesette Tissue Cassettes, Locsette Tissue Cassettes, Parsette Tissue Cassettes. Besides,10 standard colors are available, other customized colors are also available upon request. 

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  • Molded from high quality stainless steel material, the standard cassette lids CL03 are designed as re-usable lids for working with all the standard PorLab EstaSette tissue cassettes and all the other standard cassettes without lid on the market, helping realize a considerable cost saving for the laboratories.

  • Feature extraordinary large slanted front wring surface at 30°angle, these MacSette tissue cassettes are of two-piece design.

  • The Parsette Tissue Cassettes are of two-piece design, eliminate the use of an additional metal lid. The design is distinguished from OneSette 01 & 02 by a special hinge that locks the cassette base & cassette lids firmly together.

  • Finesette Tissue Cassettes are designed with 1280 fine square holes in dimensions of 0.26mmx0.26mm, the tissue cassettes FineSette 08 are ideal for processing & embedding small biopsy

  • Locsette Tissue Cassettes are apart from the two-piece design concept which is similar to ParSette 06, the tissue cassettes LocSette 16 are especially outstanding and preferred by numerous pathology professionals relying on the dual-lock system that offers the users a more flexible working choice.

  • The EstaSette tissue cassettes are also called "standard cassettes", are designed without lid and normally work with the re-usable standard metal lids.

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