Tube Rack De Stockage De Couleur

Newest Tube Rack De Stockage De Couleur made in China can be provided with low price. Suntrine is one of the professional China Tube Rack De Stockage De Couleur manufacturers and suppliers. We will be dedicated to provide customers with better quality Tube Rack De Stockage De Couleur and faster response. We not only provide customized services but also support discounts. Is the product in stock? Yes. If I want more, can I wholesale it? of course. In addition, we also provide free samples and quotations. More importantly, we still have CE certification. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation. For more information, contact us now.
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  • The test tube rack is made of plastic, stainless steel which is strong and endurable. Different size is suit for various diameter test tubes. Multi colors available, and colors can be customized.