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The specifications and materials of the petri dish


1. Common specifications: 35, 40, 60, 70, 90, 100, 110, 120, 150mm and so on.

2. There are currently three kinds of petri dishes in our country. The glass frit used in their production is different. Ordinary petri dishes are made by picking, blowing, and then manually blowing hard or neutral materials on the furnace platform. The product is ready by joint baking, blasting (or grinding), annealing, and spraying (printing) the trademark. The production process of the biochemical petri dish is the same, but it is produced with "95" material glass, which has higher quality requirements than ordinary petri dishes. The quantitative petri dish uses glass frit of "9 materials, and the production process is completely different. It is first blown into a 5,000 beaker on the stove top, then the mouth and bottom are turned into a glass tube, and then the glass tube is exploded. It is heated to the softening point of the glass and pressed into flat glass, and then cut into round pieces with a steel knife, and gradually formed after heating and melting. Due to the complex process, low yield, high cost, and slow speed, the output is not high.