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The reason why the centrifuge tube is broken during use

Many customers encounter the phenomenon of centrifuge tube rupture when they use the centrifuge tube. What causes this? Next, the PCR centrifuge tube supplier-Sun-Trine will briefly talk to you about the cause of the centrifuge tube rupture during use.

1. Samples placed in the symmetrical sleeve with unbalanced load must be connected to the laboratory centrifuge tube and adjusted with a balance to achieve balance. If only one test tube is used to put the sample, the symmetrical test tube must be balanced by adding water, otherwise the instrument will vibrate during centrifugation and the test tube will break. It is easy to be overlooked that the centrifuge cup with the horizontal rotor will be out of balance after long-term use or replacement, so the centrifuge cup should also be balanced. For example, it is difficult to eliminate the failure of a centrifuge tube that has been used for more than 10 years. Later, it was found that the four centrifuge cups were too heavy, and the failure disappeared after the cup counterweight was changed.

2. Accelerating too fast centrifugation will easily break the laboratory centrifuge tube.
3. The centrifuge speed is too high, exceeding the centrifugal force that the centrifuge tube can withstand, will also cause the test tube to rupture.
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