Industry News

  • Shanghai Sun-Trine Biotechnology Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Disposable laboratory and medical devices(China petri dish)


  • At present, the suction head on the market is basically polypropylene plastic (colorless transparent plastic, high chemical inertia, wide temperature range). However, the same polypropylene can vary greatly in quality.


  • Pipettes are usually made of glass or plastic. Due to safety and hygiene reasons, it is best to use single-use, polystyrene plastic serological pipettes.


  • The Erlenmeyer Flask, also commonly known as conical flares or titration flares, were designed and named by German chemist Richard August Carl Emil Erlenmeyer.


  • Friday would have been the 167th birthday of Julius Richard Pizzeri, the inventor of the famous Petri dish. In 1876, bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered the bacterium that causes anthrax.


  • There are more than 90 kinds of polymer materials used in medical plastic products. With its excellent properties, reliable performance, and convenient molding process, plastics have been used more and more widely in the medical field.