About Us

Shanghai Sun-Trine Biotechnology Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Disposable laboratory and medical devices, we apply ourselves to offer best service to customers with our abundant experience. 

The main products include disposable medical devices include Dispette(Westergren pipette with ESR tube),Top Vials,Glass Capillary tubes,Oxygen Mask Series,Lancets Pill Box and so on,  laboratory products (include Specimen Container , Sharps Container, Suction Hook and so on ).

Our Values

The young Suntrine with its growing team will continuously develop our product portfolio to meet more comprehensive customer demands, and commit ourselves to delivering our partners high quality products and exact solutions. Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation. we will do the best service and support for all customers.

Now we're specially supply the new Epidemic Prevention products, especially applied in current breakout of COVID-19, incude:
Pipette tips with filter
Specimen swab
Viral transport medium
Universal transport mediu
96 deep well plat
96 deep well tip comb

8 trip PCR tube